Ireby Fell Cavern by Gary Rhodes

Ireby Fell Cavern: Abby, David, Peter, Gary (4th September 2005).

Once more the phone was hot with the cry of the caving fraternity fighting and falling over each other, ready to kill their best friend, in their eagerness to go caving this weekend.


After a few e-mails and phone calls David and Peter wanted to have a trip. So it was decided that it was time to make Peter a poorer man. After a trip to swindle sports, much spending, peter was equipped to go jumping down holes on bits of string!

Shortly afterwards we were off across the moors to find a hole to test/break his new toys as you could only expect of us.

Later in the day after scrambling down a shake hole and entering the black beckoning void of cool darkness, the first pitch was met, followed by another and yet another. Then a climb down led to passageways that went on forever. Eventually after having to crawl on ones side through water yet another pitch was met. So down further into the depths of the earth we went. Onwards down we travelled, more climbs, deeper, deeper. Onwards we travelled through the twisting passages onwards, downwards we travelled. Time passed by without our knowledge. The seconds to minutes. Minutes to hours. Hours to a few more than had previously been. How much rock was above our heads? How far down were we? Is there any end to this world beneath the feet of mortal man? Only by travelling on, down could these be answered. So on we traveld, down, down, down. And then.

Met the sump. Had a pee in it. Went back out to pub. Good little trip really. Beer was nice as well. Should have come.