Bar Pot Stream Passage to Flood Exchange by Gary Rhodes

Bar Pot: Ian, Abby, Woody, Jill, George, Joe, Gary (24 Sept 2006). 

A caving trip went ahead on this day if not down either of the above.

Ian came along to the mill on Thursday to try out a bit of S.R.T. under the guidance of Woody our training officer. As Ian had never done this string thing before it were decided to go down the easier route of Bar Pot instead. So on Sunday up we went. Ian, Abby, Woody, Jill, George, Joe I think that’s his name (members of the U.W.F.R.A youth group) and me.

Visited the Maine chamber. Dropped a ladder through a hole at the bottom of the boulder slope that leads up to the passage that goes to mud hall. Went down for a nosey, blocked with mud fall at bottom. Lots of loose death and don’t kick that why ouch! Then worked our way out over a traverse above deep deep water. On way out at last pitch had a game of how large a boulder can you get some silly bugger to haul to the surface!

A good day out if not a bit rushed, but nice to get out with enthusiastic cavers. I suppose the rest of the White Rose had an equally good day at the conference talking.

Gary and Abby (Two lonesome Cavers).