Bull Pot of the Witches by Steve Warren

Bull Pot of the Witches Meet (28 January 2007). 

I had just said to Genevieve “Well. If this is it we will just have to make the best of it and do what we can with Bull Pot”, when a familiar red Landrover bearing Nigel and Jan appeared coming down the lane.

Thus we were four rather than two and ready for anything the hole could throw at us. After the recent rains I was expecting a watery trip having forgotten that much of the system is in the higher level dry passages.

The water had run off but we did not quite get to the streamway having insufficient tackle. Partly my fault as I had been previously been used to doing the lot without tackle.

There were some squeals from above when I had a go at free-climbing the first pitch, insisting that it all was free-climable. Still, after four hours we had nearly had enough.

1193135749_Bull Pot w
Nigel, Jan & Gen (Photo © Steve Warren)

We were  getting used to the intricacies of Bull of the Witches and decided to call it a day, saving the lowest reaches, and the squeezes towards the superb gours leading up to the Angels Wing, for another day.

Thanks to Genevieve for bring gear and to Jan and Nigel for turning out as well. We all enjoyed a brilliant day’s caving anyway.