Illusion Pot. It’s not that Illusive by Gary Rhodes

Illusion Pot: Nigel, Jan, Mike, Ian, John, Abby, Kris, Steve and Gary (18th February 2007). 

A fine trip with many untouched perfect formations, probably some of the best in the dales. And it’s easy. What do you need for this trip? Nothing, well perhaps some wellies so your socks don’t get wet. So on a very fine sunny day we all met. Ah forgot to say who came along! Nigel, Jan, Mike, Ian, John, Abby, Kris, Steve and me. No sorry Steve didn’t come along, he went off on a secret dig, and took John with him, but he’s a dog so that doesn’t really count anyway. The entrance is a climb down a concrete pipe on iron foot holds, and then the rest of the way is down iron ladders all the way to the bottom. No tackle needed at all as said. A light might be useful from here on though. After a short bit of easy crawling/walking and a small climb (useful iron peg makes a good foothold), a damp bit is met. There is a small dam and a bucket here to make the dampness a little less. It’s not long so go for it. You still don’t need any tackle but a hybrid could be useful here. Now you’re out of Illusion and are caving in Chaple-Le-Dale. The back end of Dale Barn Pot I think. At the junction left leads on up to some of the best kept formations, a bit of a secret really. The way on may be deliberately hidden, but look and down you will find. A camera would most definitely be of use here! As in the other direction, right at the junction carries on though large chamber like passageway. Just before the end of this on the left on the floor is a hole with a bit of twine down it. This leads down into another large chamber at the bottom of which is a traverse line. Still don’t need any equipment but some cows tails maybe of use here. Over the traverse and a climb down leads to sumps. And very nice sumps they are too. From here on I think that you just might need a little tackle. Mask flippers, wetsuit and maybe some diver’s bottles would be useful. Ian had a little dive into a small sumpy looking passage to get to a sump proper, but I decided that it would be a drier and nicer to go through over the top.

It’s an Illusion – Getting there on a brill day.
Illusion Pot team.
The Illusion Pot team. Photo – Steve Warren.

It’s a short trip done in no time at all, must have missed loads of it, but had to leave as some were in need of getting out and catching up on suntans. Oh well. Caves have been in the making for millions of hundreds of years, so it will be there for a proper looking at next time.

Mr Rhodes.

Oh forgot to ask. If anybody finds a contact lens in the duck would they send it onto Jan, Thanks?

No sorry. Didn’t mean duck, just a slightly damp bit of passage….

Pics by Steve Warren.