Alum Pot Meet by Garry Rhodes

Alum Pot: Abigail Rhodes, Garry Rhodes, Ian Cummins, Peter Benn, Steve Warren (14 October 2007). 

After a long and most ardour’s protracted explorative and less longwinded than this most longer than shorter introduction to this description of the trip to the deep and wet sump at the bottom of Alum Pot, we can confirm that yes the sump is still there!

Waiting for the rigger at Dolly Tubs
Get a move on….
1193136137_ALum 1 w
At the sump Alum Pot.

This the sump at the bottom was witnessed, scrutinised, probed and probably weed in (well most definitely by me), by the attendance of, Abby, Ian, Steve, Peter and me (Gary). A full and disorganised return trip to the surface was fully achieved without the loss of any lives, followed by a regrouping and crappy black beer stuff supping at the Station Inn. Apart from Ian, but he turned up a week later so that’s ok.

Pics by Steve Warren.