The Caves of Ribblehead by Steve Warren

The Caves of Ribblehead (16 March 2008). 

With Mike and Philip, the Leader master-minded the exploration of numerous parts of the Cuddy Gill, Runscar and Thistle Cave systems. Something in the order of seventeen entrances/exits were variously entered or exited with only the last one, the exit from Thistle Lower Cave, entailing a minor ducking. All this left several other caves for another day. Contrary to gloomy forecasts, the day was fine and dry and quite cool out in the open.

Runscar Cave
Phil Ryder extricating himself from Middle Runscar Cave (Photo © Steve Warren).
Thistle cave
Mike Brown and Phil Ryder in Thistle Cave Upper, or was it Middle, or Lower (Photo © Steve Warren).

Ribblehead is a brilliant place for a fine bit of pottering about where only a helmet and lamp and a couple of good mates are needed to make a great day out.