Alum Pot Meet by Steve Warren

Alum Pot: Abigail Rhodes, Gary Rhodes, Ian Cummins, Peter Benn, Steve Warren (October 14, 2007). 

With lots of water sloshing about in the hole, this was an excellent opportunity for a small group to enjoy this most classic of potholes. For one of the team, it was a celebration recalling the first occasion of bottoming Alum Pot. That was in 1954 when men were men, potholers were potholers and every man was expected to carry a crate of good old ‘Newkie Broon’ (Newcastle Brown) down to the bottom of the hole. This achieved by the use of ladders of four inch hemp rope with sawn off tree trunks for rungs. By keeping the ale just in front of the visiting non-potholers from Kemsley House Newspapers, Newcastle, printers in the main,  all were suitably enticed to the sump and then, before being allowed to partake, all had to climb out again to collect their reward on returning to the surface. Those were the days.

Get some decent tackle down there, and that’s what I call a ladder (Photo © Steve Warren: Bob Crunden, Alum Pot 1954 )
1202858611_w Rope ladder by RLC
Lets get back to basics (Photo © Steve Warren: Bob Crunden, Alum Pot 1954)

Back in Alum, Abi, Gary, Ian, Peter and yours truly admired the spectacle of a tumultuous cascade crashing down the final fall from Diccan Pot before retreating to the more salubrious environment of the Station Inn to round off the day.