Aquamole Meet by Steve Warren

Aquamole: Abigail Rhodes, Gary Rhodes, Dave Walker, Jonathan & Steve Warren (28 October 2007)

On meeting up at Inglesport, there was talk of a dreadful night in Kingsdale when great volumes of rain fell during the night and a raging gale put fear into the hearts of those barmy enough to spend the night in the Dale.  By daybreak, we were reliably informed,  Kingsdale Beck was well over the bridge at Braida Garth but by 1030 it had run off sufficient to enable an attempt at the scheduled venue by Dave, Jonathan, Abi, Gary and yours truly.

Gary and Abi had slung ropes down Aquamole on the previous evening but by general consensus a descent of the big pitch was called off in favour of a exploration of some of the side passages. This resulted in Gary prussiking up a rope to nowhere.  Calling a retreat, great fun ensued in detackling due to a party from Imperial College having rigged further ropes on top of the Club ropes which already were rigged over the digger/diver’s fixed ropes. Dave Walker did a great job in disentangling it all and emerged on the surface to a chilling breeze – a portend of the winter days to come. At least everybody got nice and wet and came out with gear well and truly cleaned, and had another wonderful day under t’sod.

Abi raring to have a go at Aquamole (Photo © Steve Warren)
Jonathan also raring to have a go at Aquamole (Photo © Steve Warren)
Gary is not so sure about Aquamole, but he did have a great day hanging from an unknown rope hanging from an unknown aven (Photo © Steve Warren)