Most Secret Dig by Gary Rhodes

Got a bit of a dig going at the moment. Its an old dig site that was started a very long time ago. A few hundred years ago by lead miners in fact ! We have managed to push past one very naughty collapse only to be stopped by yet another, but soon we will overcome this thanks to a little help from Richard with the donkey work of dragging scaffold pole to the end. Pity the bloody mud wall we wanted to shore up has already collapsed! Just have to start again. For a little reward for his hard work we pointed out a very wet small natural passage that nobody would think of going in. In he went, after a few minutes of foul language the bugger was stomping down a passage!! However this became too tight after a good 50ft. Still, its 50ft of new passage to him, BAH! While this was going on Mr Ryder was with hammer and chisel  making steady progress on the sink close to the mine entrance that takes all the water from this place. Sufficient work was carried out to enable us to see that the water travels downwards with a very loud sound that may just suggest a pitch. Also on the opposite side to this is a flooded bedding that will be very easy to drain once we open out the possible pitch. We know that the bedding is of a caverble size as Richard went for a dip in it without too much persuasion of boots on his head. So hopefully this will be done soon giving a bit of new cave.

All the above is small stuff  as the real project is to open out this mine fully and get to the back of it. Beyond the present collapse is more natural cave for the taking as the miners were’nt bothered about this. We know its there as in old records it is noted that great progress was made from the abundance of fissures providing good air and many places for wastes???

Fancy getting a little dirty?