Hole In A Not Very Safe Wall by Gary Rhodes

Cast so far involved: Phil, Richard, Patrick, Steve, Abby, Gary and john the smelly dog. Well at least he doesn’t smell of old dog now after his doggy grooming day! More like an old ladies powder poof! (15th November 2008).

Once again the silence and tranquility of calming peace and harmony of Langstroth Dale has been shattered! Where the gentle songs of birds once prevailed now only the noise of hammers and shattering rock echo from the valley side. (Its those bloody diggers at it again!). This is not a secret now as Steve has put up a pic of some wanton destruction in the gallery, so Hole in Wall it is.

1227217430_Gary capping w
Gary neatly dismantles an unwanted flake at Hole in the Wall, Langstrothdale.

The active stream halfway up has been opened out on the down stream end. Guess what? once more cave passage of unmeasurable size was encountered again! Bah…… However a sound connection with another hole in a different part of the wall was noticed by Mr Ryder. This is underneath the most horrid and (do you want to die) cliff side. Only a bunch of complete  numptys  would dig under this mass. Digging commenced. Large boulders reduced to small rocks, small rocks chucked at the dog, anything to get that lavender smelly pooch away. Soon enough we created a muddy mess that all diggers love, then a solid floor was encountered that promptly formed a puddle. Pity as here in the cliff face is a small but open fault that the water can be heard in. But as its just too bloody unsafe and is impossible to open it out and live. But all is not at a loss, we shall pull back away from the cliff face of doom and sink a shaft down to where the waters could be. Or just dig down to Australia, its better weather there so not a total waste of time.

Digging will continue.

Pic by Steve Warren.