Mistral Hole by Woody

Mistral Hole: Antony Wood and Alison Avison (30th December 2008). 

Well should have been Link Pot but the ladder wasn’t long enough!!

After a gentle walk across the moors (the sun was out and the sky was blue!), we lowered our ladder down Link Pot. I descended first, and had to climb down the last 15/20 foot! Alison followed but didn’t feel comfortable with the climb so we retraced our steps! And went to Mistral instead!

Once inside we slowly made our way through the twists and turns to the hall of ten!  Where you can walk for a while! Not for long though!  Back down to crawling, stooping!

We were looking for the Cigalare! We knew we had to get to Pippikin but this proved interesting! As it had been a while since we had been here and our memories weren’t what they once were! We had also on previous trips just followed blindly behind people who new where they were going! And we didn’t pay that much attention!

We eventually found our way to dusty junction! (although at the time we didn’t realise where we were!) after several aborted attempts to find a way on we retraced our steps!  2 ropes hang down so we had a look up them!  Nothing to note up either! One follows a rift until it closes down and the other goes up and nowhere!!

A quick photo stop! Well you have too occasionally don’t you.

So it was back to dusty junction!

This time we looked at the least likely way on!  Yes it was the right way!!

After a short crawl we came to the chamber where you  climb down into the stream and then on to the bottom of Pippikin, well we arrived at Pippikin and the started looking for the way into the Cigalare!

Several false starts and eventually Alison found the way into it!

So up and over we went!  Then down into a stream way!  Well I was a little disappointed as there were no pretty bits!  But the waterfall was impressive, so we had a look see and followed it for quite a while.

Time was now running out so we made our way out slowly, trying to take mental notes of the way back for a further trip into this terrific system