Hole in the Floor by Ian Cummins

Hole in the Floor: Ian, Chris, Geoff, Matt, with Steve Warren and Maud calling by (24th January 2010). 

First meet of the year and I came prepared with a shovel in case I needed to clear a parking spot or dig out the cave entrance.  Fortunately the thaw meant that snow was only lying in the drifts, although there was a lot of water about, including the falls above Cray, which are a barometer for high flows and they were flowing nicely.

After being surprised by the bizarre sight of a convoy of 2CVs and Dyanes on a rally, we wandered up the hill to find Steve had already opened the entrance, with the sound of water flowing nearby that we never encountered on the dig last year and curiously this is not immediately apparent when one enters the cave.

I had on lots of neoprene, having considered diving in Goat Inlet, but changed the plan to doing the free dives instead, so the frigid water wasn’t too much of a problem.

However, the pitches were extremely wet and the rest of the team did rather well to endure the soaking on the last drop, where the final few feet were right under the deluge.  With hood, mask and weights on, I was soon on the cave side of the sumps and after a few seconds to ponder ‘out or up?’, I dived back to go up the ropes, emerging with a very chilly head after the frigid dip.  Kudos to Chris and Jeff for the food and drinks in the chamber above Goat Inlet – the coffee was most welcome!

A quick sprint up the pitches and we were making the awkward moves out with the bags after another fine trip down this favourite cave.  Brilliant day out!