Fossil Pot Meet March 10 by Steve Warren

Fossil Pot: Steve Warren, John Clarke, Chris Smith, Abigail & Gary Rhodes (10 March 2007).

After an absence of six years, Fossil Pot has lost none of its charm. The squeezes are still a cause for hesitation, especially for myself; and especially the Pie Muncher which was passed on the proviso that no-one would object if it was neccesary to strip off to get back out. It is still the tightest and most contortuous bit of cave I have ever known. So I thought, until we came to the Right-angle Bend. However, with Abi, Gary, Smithy and Clarkie accompanied by a reluctant 15m length of two inch corrugated pipe all was accomplished included the objective for the day. This was to drain the pool which appeared after the first visit to the furthermost aven above the upstream sump.
Hopefully further exploratory visits will be undertaken. Who knows what may remain to be found.


Whilst changing the farmer called by but seemed to be satisfied with our feeble excuses for being there.