Cliff Force Rockfall by Ian Cummins

Cliff Force Cave: Ian, Viking (4th April 2010).

A grim, chilly Easter Sunday in t’Buttertubs.  Rushing to get underground before the hailstorm arrived, I slid down the muddy entrance hole to find a rockfall!  Yes, the big freeze had taken its toll and the horizontal crawl at the bottom of the climb down was no more.  However, with a bit of work, a path was cleared, whilst my companion shivered outside, enabling a crawl along the clean top of the newly-detached block to be made, allowing a drop down into the normal passage.  A bit of loose rock is around, so please take care kiddies. A further bit of stabilisation and/or care may be required.

Smooth progress was made to ‘sump 1’, which was actually very high and very cold.  I went through, with a very chilly head resulting, whilst the Viking said ‘no way!’ Curious for a lad who did Langstroth and Rowten free-dives for his 2nd and 3rd trips.

A nithering change had us heading for the pub in Muker.