Dowkabottom Cave by Chris Dudman

Dowkabottom Cave: Geoff and Chris Dudman (16th October 2010). 

Back in Littondale a week after the excellent club trip into Sleets Gill cave. Thankyou to Ian ‘Hydro’ Cummins.

We followed the path up through the scars from Sleets Gill to the flat bowl of Dowkabottom. A fixed line was down the north passage entrance, but decided to use my bit of 8mil for the decent.

Perfect weather at Dowkabottom.
Passed lots of nice formations on the floor, walls and roof on our way to the duck, which actually wasn’t there. Must have been the low water levels. There hadn’t been any significant rainfall for nearly two weeks.

The next section involved an entertaining traverse over a deep pool, requiring a few unusual movements. Oldham battery got jammed in a couple of spots! Geoff seemed to sail through, and after a short time we arrived in a huge passage. Quite a while was spent rooting about in the main passages, digs and chokes.

Dowkabottom 16/10/10
Nice decorations.

According to the route description there is a small side passage in which a stream flows down. We located it, but with only the slightest trickle. After climbing down a would be waterfall the way on choked after a short distance of standing water.

Back to the main passage for a swig of hot cordial, then out into fantastic late afternoon sunshine. Thought we might has well look at the south passage seen as we were here. Nothing much to report, other than lots of graffiti.

We spent well over two hours here, its a great little trip. I suppose enhanced by the thought prehistoric man has been there just a few years before us!

Pics by Chris Dudman.