Black Sheep Sink by Steve Warren

Black Sheep Sink: Ian, Emma, Jane and Steve (15 Dec 2012).

If we had thought about it this meet was doomed before it started: mid-December is not a good time for such a place.

Have a look at what Nigel Easton wrote about the original exploration in the 2004 WRPC Journal:

“The passage ahead continued in a classic shape and although a few feet high was only passable along the floor so Hucky pushed forward once again flat out in water. A lot of coughing, spluttering and swearing followed and then an appraisal of the situation was sent back. He was flat out in freezing water which was getting deeper and a low squeeze was just ahead with the passage still open and what appeared to be another bend beyond which he could not see. “Definitely a wetsuit trip” he said and try as he might he could not persuade us to go the extra 10m to have a look. Having great difficulty in turning around he finally returned a shivering wreck… a rapid return to the surface was made in an attempt to get warm, this short section having mutilated our oversuits.”

Ian, Emma and Jane raring to get down
Ian, Emma and Jane raring to get down Black Sheep Sink (Photo © Steve Warren)
The crawl in Black Sheep Sink
The crawl in Black Sheep Sink (Photo © Emma Hughes)

That was in the Spring of 1995 but the recent meet was in mid December with a heavy snow melt on the fell. Well done to the Ian, Emma and Jane who did have a go and had to turn back because of extremely cold water.