Hell Gill Gorge, Mallerstang by Denis Bushell

Corrie Hole, Mallerstang: Denis Bushell (9th October 2016).

Gear, wet suit and head torch for Corrie Cave part way down gorge. Changed in rain at head of gorge, steady descent down to entrance of Corrie Cave. Fingers crossed the duck would not be shingled up: it was not. Cave is loop back to gorge. Progress down became noisy with small cascades fast flowing till the first swim, entered by a 3m jump and submersion. Popping up, three strokes to next lip downstream, climb down into shoulder high wade under  rook arch. Very little daylight at this point. Further progress, on looking up I could see the old tow path bridge several metres higher.

Beyond this point the gorge opens up from its narrow confines to 10-15 metres wide and an exit can be taken on the right flank.