Calf Holes by Denis Bushell

Calf Holes : Jack, Erin, Frazer, Genevieve, Dillon, Zack, Denis, Faye, Peter (3 July 2016).

Entered via Brow Gill Cave, Jack led, myself back-marker. Waterfall Bypass needed some coaxing for Zack he being only six years old. Plenty of hands on once this obstacle was passed.

The next section fell in favour of the children – the flat out crawl running parallel with the stream flowing from Calf Holes. On reaching connection we choose the top route for a photo shoot – onward with the stream to Calf Holes entrance shaft and daylight. For the reward Terry’s Chocolate Orange. More photos then reverse the journey to a summer’s day and a fairy tale exit of Brow Gill.

Pics by Jack Upsall.