Mountbatten Pot 2016 by Denis Bushell

Mountbatten Pot: Denis Bushel (1st June 2016). 

Last trip down Mountbatten Pot before unknown at time livery transplant.

Tackle: 60m rope, minimum gear, wind-proof matches.

Objective: to test for inward draught in narrow fracture at termination of shaft dig which I failed to notice last visit. Expecting outward draught which I did not feel on my face. Several weeks prior I had met a couple, John and Linda,  on my way to Carlswark Caverns, Stoney Middleton for through trip, exiting Dynamite.

Unless you have done this trip you cannot appreciate the colour green. John, caver of ladder and lifeline days, showed an interest when the conversation quickly turned to Mountbatten Pot. I mentioned how well ventilated it was for a deep blind shaft. He knew of the pot but had not undertaken the trip. In early days it did not draught. I said it still does not. This was answer I was looking for.

The ventilation was draughting inward once the narrow fracture was released of debris and fill hence my matches to check the theory. Weather calm and cool, usual fight to gain bottom. Match offered up and into fracture, flame almost horizontal: plugs and feathers: –  green light.