Simpsons Pot by Denis Bushell

Simpsons Pot: Ian, Simon, Denis (2 October 2016).

Curlew Café, Ingleton start, 1130, then off to Kingsdale. Changed at Braida Garth roadside, trek to SImpsons with Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin, myself taking Bronze. Ian and SImon caved in neoprene, myself in fleece. I suggested Great Aven, they agreed. Descending we noticed the first traverse was rigged. It transpired the cave had been left rigged since EuroSpeleo. To descend Great Aven you traverse over Aven Pot via a short climb. All up, not sure of what on: no EuroSpeleo rope. Ian checked adjacent chamber. SImon went high in mud climb. I noticed some old in-situ rope dropping down rift – area looked familiar. I informed Ian and Simon I would have a look. It was Aven Pitch!

1489756734_Simpsons 3
Ian, Simon and Denis (Photo © Denis Bushell).

I descend and set my camera up for photos with a shout of ‘Libra – rope free’. Ian set off down followed by SImon, camera packed away, off to base of Roof Tunnel for final exit. Ian free-climbed out, I chose ladders, SImon also. All out, we set off for Inglesport and coffee. Within minutes we were in conversation with a BSA member who had caved with Ken Pearce on his world record Berger dive.

Great trip.