Wednesday Caving – The Next Generation 2 by Jack Upsall

Great Douk Cave: Jack, Pete, Gen, Fraser, Erin, Dillon and Zachary (26th October 2016).

Mild weather and a short walk…ideal for the kids. Down into the Great Douk shakehole and we all stared down the dig, then over to the entrance. Enough water was pouring out to encourage most of the party to take the dry ledge entrance, though Fraser gamely attempted the climb and had a refreshing dangle in the water for his pains.

A lively streamway made for much interest, Little Douk called for a food stop, and the low section near the Middle Washfold exit called for a further food stop whilst we decided it was too wet for the kids to continue.

Back out at a lively pace, the drops giving much sport when you are not much more than a metre tall…and out after another good trip.

Pics by Jack Upsall

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