The Discovery of Sheepfold Sink by Phil Ryder

Chris Smith and I saw a large stream going down this rift after a 2 hour downpour in Summer 2011 but it wasn’t until 2013 that Ian Cummins was inserted down the rift and said there looked to be a passage full of stream cobbles, going off about 2 metres down. John Clarke had a good dig in the bottom but could find no passage going off and recommended Ian went for the same Laser Eye Surgery as he had had!
The shaft is ellipse shaped, (eye shaped), and was choked within 1.5m of the surface. It has been cleared of many tons of stream cobbles and debris until it pinched in on a band of very hard rock, (thought to be the Girvanella Bed). Since then the site has been capped and snappered and is currently 7 – 8 metres deep and requires a ladder to get to the bottom. A stream can be heard below the bottom of the dig in wet weather.

Ian & Hucky at Sheepfold Sink Entrance (Photo – Phil Ryder).

It is still not known where water disappearing down this hole, and other sinks in the area, resurges.

A damp day at Sheepfold Sink (Photo – Phil Ryder).

Awaiting a dry period, (some hope!), as it is impossible to use Snappers when a constant trickle of water is flowing down the walls of the shaft.

IHucky in Sheepfold Sink Entrance Rift (Photo – Phil Ryder).

Diggers involved in the project include John Clarke, Ian Cummins, Graham Huck, Dave Milner (CPC), Phil Ryder, Chris Smith, and Steve Warren.