Wednesday Caving by Jack Upsall

Continuing the trawl through 2 years of monthly mid-week trips…

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Jack and Gen, and Vic, Liam, Andrew – non WRPC

Long Churn / Alum

Beats the walk up to Tatham any day! As usual ages since I’d been down this but Vic (ex-Bewerley Park) knew every nook and cranny so gave us a guided tour indicating all the off-routes, some of which we tried on the way in and out.

Junior Leaders were just coming up Dolly Tubs so we were able to interleave and save time. Ladder and rope on the Greasy Slab, an unnecessary (?) line round the traverse, then rope across and down the Bridge. The hang from the Bridge is quite airy in the daylight; in fact, the whole place is just so atmospheric. I’d got as far as rigging a rather damp last pitch when the call to return came. Vic’s lads were still learning the ropes (hence ladder and roped traverse) and were setting off out.


Ticked off another off-route on way out to warm afternoon. It’s a lovely trip and one I intend to go back to next summer (when that last pitch isn’t quite so wet!).

(Photo by Gen)