Wednesday Caving by Jack Upsall

Wednesday 24th May 2017

Tatham Wife Hole

Jack, Fay, Phil

The walk up gets no easier…but the navigation was spot on, so just half an hour or so saw us to the entrance, with Ingleborough looking over us. In and down, very down, dropping quickly past the (rigged) climb and to the first pitch. And where was that “thread” deviation? Even a quick prussik back up failed to find it.


2nd pitch straightforward and then the crawly rifty bit. 3rd pitch rigged, but at this point 3 became 2 so we called it a day and trolled out.

Which was best, as the tiredness began to look a bit like a TIA. Which indeed it probably had been, according to later tests.

So, Cautionary Principle 1, Tatham Wife 0

Finally, a slightly bizarre moment at the Quarry lay-by when a car pulled up, “Matt” from the CRO jumped out, asked if we were “the incident at the Hill Inn”, announced to Fay that he’d rescued her from Tatham Wife and Lancs, then jumped back into his car and disappeared…