Raisgill Wood Pot Sump by Ian Cummins

We have spent a lot of time in here – the bulk of the work was done by Chris and John, with a fair bit of help from me, Phil, Steve, Simon, Hucky, Dave Milner and others.

Quick progress in 2010 led us to the sump and we just as quickly stopped in our tracks.


We tried blasting, diving, draining and finally bypassing, with no positive concluson yet.  We had some fun though and the following pictures record efforts to dive and drain the thing!

From above, it looked like it opened out into diveable passage – so we tried that.


Kitting-up to dive.

Preparing to dive s

It quickly became apparent that with diving kit, progress was too tight.


We made a dam!  Chris Smith not singing for a change.


The manual pump – later replaced by generator-powered unit from Hucky.  Chris and John doing the work.


With the dam just holding – a quick look into this tight passage, soon closing down by a few inches to become too tight – such are the margins!

I’ll admit it – this place battered and beat me – other club diggers may still be persevering…..