Wednesday Caving by Jack Upsall

Thursday 9th August 2018

Lancaster Hole – Wretched Rabbit

Jack, Bob Cockeram, Bob Catteral (both Earby PC)

There should have been a brace of WRPC cavers, but orthodontic necessities intervened, so it was just me and a couple of Earby cavers (one ex-WRPC).

Abbed down Lancs and into the High Level Series. Bone dry, nothing coming down at Fall Pot. Quite eerie.

Painter’s Palette – I think!

Stop Pot, Stake Pot and into the bedding plane leading to Wretched Rabbit. Route finding ok, lots of uphill, some interesting climbs, all very satisfying, and out to glorious sunshine after a sweaty 4 hours.

Anyone else interested in the odd Wednesday (or Thursday!) trip, do get in touch.