Wednesday Caving by Jack Upsall

Wednesday   12th September 2018

Gingling Hole (Stalactite Chamber)

Jack, Fay, Bob Reilly (Earby)

What a lovely cave! (Even if it did have teeth…)

A beautiful Autumn day, and a level walk to the cave. Down the entrance pitch. Dropped down into the canal – only percolation water, so quite low despite the heavy rain of a couple of days before, some fine rift passage and the first pitch.

This was already rigged with frayed tat, off rusty and corroded crabs, so we put our own rope on this and the next one.

Down a vertical squeeze in the rift and into the chamber. Both the pitch and the traverse were rigged (and the latter rope looked fine) so Fay and I went along the traverse and down the boulder slope to the bottom of Stalactite Chamber.

Stalactite Chamber

Looked down the way on, photos, and back, re-joining Bob.

And then the cave showed its teeth, delaying Fay and me for a considerable amount of time at the aforementioned “vertical squeeze”. Hmm.

And out, to glorious sunshine. A great cave!

And the italics? Quotes from my first trip, bottoming via the Big Rift 45 years ago – on that occasion the de-rigging party took 10 hours; rigging in (with ladders) 5 of us took a mere 5 hours!

Jack Upsall

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