Drama down Gingling by Sally Bowles


Wednesday 12th September 2018

Gingling Hole

I’d gone along with Phil, to join the others on a trip to Stalactite Chamber. Unfortunately he wasn’t feeling too good when we got to the entrance, so he went off looking at shakeholes, while I joined the others.

All went ok until we got to the canals. Though water levels were low, I still got very wet, and this gave Fay and Jack some cause for concern. They decided that the best thing was for me to stop at the head of the next pitch and wait there while the others completed the trip.

So I waited. Bob re-appeared but went straight past me; he hadn’t known about my arrangement with Fay and Jack. So I continue to wait. And when they re-appeared – they too went straight past me, leaving me at the head of the pitch! No way could I get myself out, so I waited some more…and some more…

Apparently they’d forgotten all about me, only realising I was still down the cave when they got back to the cars! Fortunately, Bob is a gentleman and returned later to bring me out. Thanks Bob.

I’ll still go caving with them again, but in future, I’ll stick close to Phil…

Sally Bowles

PS To save embarrassment, I’ve used a pseudonym. To reveal my true identity, find the stage play I featured in, in 1951.