Wednesday Caving by Jack Upsall

Roaring Hole: Jack, Fay, Gen, Bob Reilly (Earby) (25th October 2018).

Cool, overcast and windy, so it was a pleasure to drop down the diminutive entrance. The CNCC website now included a warning about the scaffolded chokes, but enquires suggested that just the usual care was needed to pass them safely.

And so it proved, though Bob did report one rock falling, and the wall at the bottom on the entrance climb does move slightly if pushed – so DON’T!

Down the Bandstand Pitches and into the moist vertical chokes – certainly more comfortable in a wetsuit and hood than dry gear. New hangers on slab chamber climb and rift traverse brought us to the muddy bit. Various bits of rope all over the place plus some bolted-on plates suggested someone has been busy down here – and 2 bottles confirmed this, though we don’t know who’s been diving here.

Bob went down the final slither to the dark, water-filled bedding that is Sunset Boulevard with the sound of the Sunset water roaring over the (unvisited) final pitch. (I have been down it, years ago – a wet descent into a pool and no way out – barely enough room to get off the ladder, if I remember rightly).

And out, and Roaring at its best – uphill, awkward, damp – thoroughly sporting caving right to the entrance climb which succeeded in delaying the exit of 2 of the party.

Jack Upsall

(Didn’t get a photo of Roaring but the lower pitch/climb is a bit like this but muddier! )

Anyone else interested in the odd Wednesday trip, do get in touch:

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