Mid-Week (Christmas) Caving by Jack Upsall

Lancaster Hole: Jack, Fay, Bob Reilly, Alf Latham (both Earby) (12th December 2018). 

A chance to look at a less-frequented bit of Lancs (actually, totally un-frequented by me, at least – 10 trips down Lancs and I’d never been into the Master Cave).

First stop, The Chasm – left off the trade route to Fall Pot. Stepping carefully over boulders brought us to the pitch which Alf rigged, checking that the rope reached down into the water some 20m below us.

Back over the boulders and a careful traverse (well, it is above that 20m drop!) round to the left here, on a sloping mud-floored shelf, brought us to a short iron ladder up into a narrow rift. Then a series of crawls and stoops in a sort of mini-Minaret passage



brought us to the water coming in from Bull Pot of the Witches. Quick look at that sump, then downstream in disturbingly clean-washed passage,


down a couple of roped climbs


finally landing on a muddy floor covered in froth …and froth on the walls…and froth on the roof 10m above us. Hmmm.

Round the corner into the Master Cave. Excellent. Gawped at the sump. Back upstream – and our rope. While Alf and Fay set off up, Bob and I had a wander further upstream to various boulder complexes. And out. An excellent 3 hours of caving.

Pics by Jack Upsall

Anyone else interested in the odd mid-week trip, do get in touch: mjupsall@btinternet.com

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