Mid-Week Caving by Jack Upsall


Wednesday   27th February 2019

County Pot – Wretched Rabbit

Jack, Fay, Phil

Stunning weather for February on Leck Fell. Followed another party down past Confusion Corner to “Spout Hall” – except it wasn’t, merely a 30cm drop. We led on, to the real SH and went right, up to Battle of Britain Hall. The plan was to use the PJ by-pass route to Eureka Junction.

The excellent CNCC guide took us up to Trident, along to the traverse and climb (with in-situ rope), another (not very nice) climb into the Trident streamway, and thence to Pierce’s Passage. Quick look upstream to PJ pitch.

Next plan was to check out the way into Wretched Rabbit from Stop Pot. So ignoring WR as we passed it on our right, we continued down to Eureka Junction.

After completing a full Risk Assessment, I removed my helmet and used the helmet-mounted lamp to illuminate the picture (couldn’t do that with a stinky!)


Phil showed us the crawly way over the Stop Pot choke high and on the right, then after a sight of the SP ladder it was down to the hole leading towards WR. And again CNCC guide in hand, we quickly found our way to 4 Ways Chamber and the drop into WR proper.

Quick bite of food, then ever upwards towards the surface, with the rope climbs providing the usual entertainment. Round the final corner and out – to that stunning weather again. 3 hours of interesting caving, and sunshine and warmth on Leck Fell. Hard to beat.

Jack Upsall

Mid-week trips continue at more of less monthly intervals – if you are interested in coming along, do get in touch:


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