Yad Moss Cave by Ian Cummins

Yad Moss Cave: Ian and Adele (12/04/2019). 

This small cave had occupied my attention for several years, finding me combing the becks around Yad Moss, lying on the Durham Cumbria border, without success several times over the past 12 years.  Turned out I had walked up every beck except the correct one!

The perseverance of Adele, with help from Lee Smith and info from various contacts allowed my chums to finally locate it one evening.  A message from Adele – ‘found Yad Moss Cave!’  I was immediately keen to have a look and we were able to drive up the following afternoon.  As always, the trip up Teesdale was a delight, passing another favourite pub at Langdon Beck after 30 minutes, to continue up the dale.

Adele wouldn’t disclose where the cave was, keeping me in suspense, until we pulled up at the Durham/Cumbria border at a recently rebuild bridge over the beck.


Looking south towards Great Dun Fell and Cross Fell.

With the chilly east wind making its presence felt, some snow from the previous week was still present, with the beck flush with chilly meltwater and we squirmed into wetsuits inside the car.  A quick crawl under the fence netting and we made the short walk up to the beck to see the small limestone walls flanking the beck, the east side sporting the bedding plane so long searched for.

A quick crawl in, with camera and tea towel at the ready, revealed some fine walking passage.


Looking upstream just inside the entrance.

Much crawling ensued, with care taken to avoid the delicate formations and keep my camera dry, whilst feeling the chill from lying in the stream.


Twin stals in the roof – take care!

We continued on for a few more mintes until the amount of water and the proximity of the formations made us turn around just short of the end of the cave, feeling very satisfied and impressed by this little beauty.


A chilly spot to pose on the way out.


Looking downstream at the twin stals.



Feeling the cold, let’s get out!

With numb hands we emerged to the chilly wind, making a rapid change in car, dreaming of the fire in the Langdon Beck Hotel.

Many thanks to Adele for persevering with this search after I had given up on it and to all those who helped with information.