Mid-Week Caving by Jack Upsall

Rather quiet on the MWC front – just a couple of trips to report:

Thursday 25th April 2019

Pillar Holes No 1

Jack, Fay, Bob Reilly, Martyn Soliman

A forecast of thunderstorms ruled out our first choice, so instead a gentle trip down the less falling-apart of the 3 entrances to Pillar Holes.

Long but gentle walk up onto the featureless Newby Moss; but aided by Fay’s GPS we eventually found the entrance. 60m of rope, 10 crabs and 3 slings later and we were at the bottom of the shaft. Various bits of poking about then back to the surface, and eventually the cars (after a gawp down Long Kin West).


Monday 8th July 2019


Jack, Bob Reilly, Martyn Soliman, Fraser (Jack’s grandson)

It’s now 3 years since his first WRPC appearance, and Fraser (now a 5 foot 9 inch, Second Row rugby player) continues his caving education.

So the blasted crawls and general grotting around to Dusty Junction. More crawl to the right, then down the hole in Hall of Ten and then up out of Pippikin into the crawl towards Leck Fell Lane. (After an “interesting” excursion triggered by a roof-tube oxbow.)  The connection ends in a technical climb into the LFL streamway.

A nod at the Cigalère (well worth visiting on another trip) and then up the horrendous mud of the Hall of the Mountain King, Dusty Junction and out, to a glorious day. 3½ hours of varied caving.


Mid-week trips should get back into the routine of more of less monthly intervals after the summer – if you are interested in coming along, do get in touch:


07837 276798