Mid-week Caving by Jack Upsall


Wednesday 7th August 2019

County Pot – Wretched Rabbit via Manchester By-pass

Jack, Gen, Bob Reilly, Martyn Soliman

It must be the Mendip Caver in me, but I do like this trip.

Laddered County Pot, then the climb into Broadway giving entertainment in inverse proportion to a caver’s height, on to show Gen the drop into Spout Hall and finally back to the side passage.

Brief excursion to Battle of Britain chamber, then into Manchester By-pass, Gen clutching my 35 year old CRO sketch survey. A bit under an hour’s vigorous caving ensued.


Mainline Terminus arrived just in time for those in the party who preferred caving upright. And over towards Stop Pot. Usual (for Bob and me) doubt about all the boulders but onwards and eventually the ladder.


Down and round to the right into WR. A mars bar stop, then upward, upward, upward – with the rope climbs as interesting as ever. And a lovely surprise for the WR newbies when daylight appeared just after the top rope-climb. Out to glorious weather – and Bob had pushed on out ahead of us to go and collect the ladder from County – good man!

Jack Upsall

Mid-week trips continue at more of less monthly intervals – if you are interested in coming along, do get in touch:


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