Mid-Week Caving by Jack Upsall

Wednesday 26th February 2020

Lancaster Hole – Earby Series

Jack, Fay, Bob Reilly

Contrary to all the gloom and doom from the Inglesport pundits, the road up to Bull Pot Farm was clear – well, tarmac strips, at any rate – and the view of snow-covered Casterton Fell was tremendous.

No wind, so the change in full sunshine was a pleasure, then off across the moor to Lancaster Hole.


A bit dribbly down the shaft, then the usual troll past Fall Pot and Stake Pot, and immediately the right turn into the Earby Series. Between us, it was 66 years since we’d been here, so route-finding was a little tentative. Eventually, we knew we had it cracked, well, Fay and I had, when we reached the fixed ladder for Canuck Climb. Went back to the start of ES to find Bob.

Barlick New Road

Now we’d got this bit sorted, it seemed sensible to wander slowly out admiring the bat-droppings (but no sign of their previous owners).

Slightly more dribbly on the way up Lancs, as the sun had been working on the snow.

And in true form, the sun went in and the hailstorm arrived just as we started changing.

Jack Upsall

Mid-week trips continue at more of less monthly intervals – if you are interested in coming along, do get in touch:


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