Mid-Week Caving by Jack Upsall

Wednesday 7th April

Sell Gill

Jack, Nige, Bob Reilly, Bob Catteral, Scott Nixon (KCC)

Surprisingly warm considering it was 3°C and windy, but everyone was glad to be down the first pitch after a bit of tackle juggling since another party was already down (you need to be up early to beat the Junior Leaders!)

Covid precautions had suggested we split the party into rigging in and de-rigging, so it was good to rig in knowing someone else would have to drag it all out … BC and SN in this case.

Following the stream down, over the stal blockage and then, after a little persuading, Bob followed me though the pool (“honestly Bob, you can keep your chest dry”) to the low passage and photos.

And out, saying adieu to the tackle and bonjour to the sunshine.

A short but interesting trip, and great to be meeting up and caving again.

Jack Upsall

Mid-week trips continue at more or less monthly intervals – if you are interested in coming along, do get in touch:


07837 276798