Bull Pot of the Witches by Steve Woods

Bull Pot of The Witches: Mick, John Wootton, Ann & Steve Woods (11 May 2021). 

Mid-week evening trips squeezed between work and everything else could not provide more. With the weather mixed, a long day and countless other excuses I was doubtful over the phone until I heard John and Ann were to be there. Having not seen them since perhaps our last trip down Fossil, or possibly somewhere in-between, a catch-up was the perfect excuse to get over my own excuses and get out caving.

An efficient drive up from Skipton found me contemplating the unforgettable view and massive promise of fun lying beneath as the farm finally appeared over the last turn in the much improved road. And then that blessed constant of cavers; the conversation before, during and after. 

Entrances rigged and a brief exchange arranged we reconvened below via an entrance covered in wild garlic to explore what I remembered from my last trip to be a surprising gem of complex variety. And pretty much that’s all I could remember as entered a brilliant hading rift not too dissimilar to the one in Inchnadamph me and Nigel had mistaken for a different cave altogether.

Wriggling down and then back up rewarded us with the stunning Gour Chambers. More wriggling found us back where we started with much more to explore and options to choose. More rigging was the winner and with my turn to have a go, not the fastest and definitely out of practice, I headed down the next pitch, Mick taking over given our late start that now suggesting a much later finish. Down with options still available but time to consider, we decided to head out.

The club has visited this cave on many occasions. My favourite two part trip report with cracking photo to match from 2010. Sadly no photo record was made on this occasion, only the usual fun shared trips never fail to provide from a cracking venue with so much to offer,  and hopefully the promise of more evening trips to follow.