Abby’s Dig by Gary Rhodes

Fossil Pot: Abby Rhodes, Gary Rhodes (Sept 2007).

Some time ago we had a trip down Fossil Pot as a club. Good trip, especially with 40ft of pipe to drain a sump. We did that but that’s another tail..

On way out at bottom of the entrance pitch on the opposite side to the Pie Muncher is a tight hole that was impossible to get in to have a proper look. One hole and a big boom soon sorted that out!

A week later to let the smell pass and a couple of caps soon had Abby and myself into a short but cave able rift. This after about 4ft turned down valley with a narrow cross rift with the compulsory shit in it. After some digging it was decided to come back and cap to widen this out.

Abby’s Dig
A very accurate survey of dig in Fossil Pot (Gary Rhodes).

So next day we were back, well not quite next day more like 4 months later we were back. First trip, capping dig. Second trip, capping dig. Third trip capping dig. Fourth trip didn’t go hurt my arm on third trip, oh and nearly blew my nose off capping! Better use a handkerchief next time instead…HA…HA… Fifth trip, oh why is it that what starts out as a nice clean cave ends up a muddy shit hole?

Got to a small chamber like junction , ahead is a killer but to the right leads to clean and open passage. Maybe. Will know once we have dug our way there. I have been thinking of leaving this dig but, that corner and void and passageway that I know is there……. Lets press on and have another look?

This Article Was Published Originally in The White Rose Pothole Club Newsletter, Vol 26(4), December 2007, and titled ‘Fossil Pot Yet Another Dig by Gary Rhodes’